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Get your battery life back on Macbook Pro

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

So, I got 13″ Macbook Pro last week and I had it for about 10 days (battery has 14 cycles on it). This is mid-2009 version of Macbook Pro that is supposed to have 7+ hrs battery life.


For some reason my fully charged Macbook Pro was showing only 4.5hrs of battery life at the most. I tried changing the power settings (power profiles are removed from Snow Leopard), I tried calibrating the battery but nothing helped.

So I decided to call Apple support and the tech told me to shut down my Macbook Pro (it was still plugged in to power), then he told me to press and hold Shift, Control and Option keys together for about 10 sec and then at the same time to press once power key. I did that and the laptop was still off. Then Apple tech asked me to turn on the laptop which I did, then I removed power cable, battery life was being calculated and it came back with 7hrs 59min. Wow!!! In the same conditions, before doing this, the most I could get was 4.5hrs. Now I need to see if I’ll really get 7+ hrs of battery life, but this is encouraging.

Article from apple explains how to perform reset of System Management Controller (that’s what I just did) which in some situation can become flaky. Here is additional article which describes troubleshooting additional power problems on Mac laptops